Course introduction

High-profile racetrack to be unveiled for the first time and race planes will fly over Shibuya!

AIR RACE X Shibuya Digital Round racetrack highlights are detailed below. Although there are no real skyscrapers in front of the pilots flying at each location, the actual flights are conducted under the same assumptions as flying through the streets of Shibuya. For more information, please see the animated movie and racetrack description below.

AIR RACE X Shibuya Digital Round Racetrack

The contestants compete for time by making three laps around four gates, from Gate A near Yoyogi National Stadium to Gate D at the Scramble Crossing in front of Shibuya Station.

The competition begins the moment the aircraft passes Gate A at 200 knots (370 km/h) over Yoyogi Park on the north side of Shibuya. In Sector 1 (first lap), the aircraft will fly over Miyashita Park on the east side of the Yamanote Line, then south to Gate D as if weaving along Park Avenue on the west side, and return to Gate A with a high turn reaching an altitude of 500 feet (152 m) after a vertical climb just above Shibuya Station.

In Sector 2, the aircraft makes a low lateral turn running through the streets of Shibuya in a figure-eight pattern. First, turn right from Gate A and enter Gate B from the northeast side, skirting the streets of Omotesando. From Gate C, turn right again to fly past the west side of the station where Dogenzaka and Center Street are located, and return to Gate A. Accurate turns are required to avoid touching the gate.

The last sector, Sector 3, continues with a vertical course. From Gate A, a high turn leads to Gate C. At Gate D, a new AIR RACE X rule, the Vertical Roll, is set. This is like the High Turn, but before reaching the apex, the pilot must roll over once (more than 315 degrees) and reach an altitude of 700 feet (213 meters) before returning to the air above Gate D. The roll must be precise. If the apex is not reached accurately it will lead to a considerable time delay. In addition, the observatory at Shibuya Scramble Square, adjacent to Shibuya Station, is 230 m high, so the climb would be directly next to it. This is a dream air race scene that would only be possible with the combination of Shibuya and the XR.