What is “AIR RACE X”


What is

AIR RACE X is 5 Dimensional Motorsports
that Transcends Time and Space.

The world's most skilled pilots compete against each other in the "F1 of the skies” where they use all their physical and mental strength to achieve the fastest times at speeds of up to 370km/h and maximum gravity acceleration of 12G. AIR RACE X is back, a "5-dimensional motorsport that transcends time and space”.

The World's Top Air Race Pilots Usher in a New Era of Motorsports

  • Matt Hall
  • Yoshi.MUROYA
  • Pete Mcleod

The "AIR RACE" that has thrilled and excited people around the world has been revived as a new motorsport that transcends time and space by fusing cutting-edge digital technology.

AIR RACE X" was launched by the world's top air racing pilots. We will revive the legacy of air racing and build new value as sustainable motorsport that will be passed on to the next generation.

Race Format

AIR RACE X is a new race format that combines actual flight with the latest digital technology The next generation of motorsports has established an unprecedented and innovative motorsport.

Pilots fly in locations around the world to compete for the fastest time in a remote format. Spectators will be able to watch the pilots' flights from afar or up close using augmented reality (AR) technology or their mobile devices.
This format is called "digital rounds" and consists of six days of qualifying rounds and a final tournament held over one day.

  • ROUND1
  • ROUND2
  • ROUND3
  • ROUND4
  • ROUND5
  • ROUND6
  • ROUND7
  • ROUND8

Points" are awarded according to the standings in each competition.
The top teams in "Championship Points" earned during the year go on to the


The World Series Championship

The same course is flown around the world and times are measured. The measured data is
then centrally compiled and used to determine the winner of each race.

Digital rounds are performed for the remote format. The race course is set up at each pilot's base with precisely measured positions and spacing.

Using the latest measurement technology, all flight data is recorded, and this data is collected and managed at the competition headquarters. The data is collected and managed by the competition headquarters.


Qualifying <6 Days>

Round-robin format with one-on-one matches Each team nominates their opponents on the web before the flight. Nominated teams conduct flights during the qualifying period. All teams play against each other, and game points (winning points) are tallied.
Top 4 teams with highest points (wins) advance to the final tournament.


Location: Each team's base

  • Watch real flights at the location of each team's flight area.
    *Daily flight availability is determined by weather and conditions.
  • During the event, watch timed flights and participate in team-sponsored events.
    *Events held during the period will be determined by each team.


The final tournament is a one-on-one tournament format with the four teams that progress
from the preliminary rounds.

Semi-finals (Semi-finals HEAT 1 and HEAT 2) will have one flight for each team.
Competitors compete using times measured for the semi-finals during the qualifying period.
The winners of HEAT 1 and HEAT 2 advance to the finals.

The final (FINAL HEAT) is a final battle between two teams.
Players compete against each other using times measured for the finals during the
qualifying period. The winner will be declared the winner of the competition.
*The same format will be used for the match to determine 3rd place.


Flight data for the final tournament will be recorded during the qualifying period and will be kept confidential until the day of the final.
In the final, a live race broadcast program is distributed simultaneously around the
world to show the results.
The winner of the competition will be determined by the results which will be made public
on the day of the final.
At the spectator Host City, an AR reproduction of the race plane will fly in front of your eyes
simultaneously with the live race program.
Spectators can watch the battle at speeds of 400 km/h in places such as the street of a city where it would never be possible in the real world.


GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP will not be held in 2023. We are making arrangements to hold the event after 2024.

The top team in the accumulation of "Championship Points", which are awarded
according to the final ranking in each digital round, will participate in the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP.

GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP is held once a year,
Participating teams will gather for real race events in the host country,
The final showdown will be played for the title of World Series Champion.

A new style of spectating will be realized at the GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP utilizing XR technology
by establishing a new style of spectating enhancing the excitement of motorsports.

We create sustainable motorsports.



AIR RACE X: Race Format is a Core Technology that can bring Racing to Life.

  • Aircraft Operation Technology

    We have operated in the previous Air Race World Championship and many other aviation events to ensure smooth operations with a high level of safety awareness.
    Several of the world's top pilots participate as core members of safety reviews, allowing the safety of the sport to be audited by experienced pilots. All of the aviation technology and standards are fed back to us, keeping AIR RACE X above the expected global standards.

  • Ultra-High Precision Flight Data Measurement Technology

    Measured flights on the same race courses set up around the world.
    The dedicated measuring device records ultra-high-resolution and ultra-high-precision flight data in
    excess of 1/1000th of a second.

  • Augmented Reality (AR)/XR Technology

    High-dimensional AR rendering using ultra-high-precision flight data, a new style of
    spectating using AR technology as a key technology for the DIGITAL ROUND.


The XR core technology of AIR RACE X is STYLY. We are working together in the area of technology