Top Air Race pilots announce new AIR RACE X Concept

5-dimensional motorsports transcend time and space

On Tuesday, March 28, 2023, top air race pilots Yoshihide Muroya (Japan/2017 World Champion), Matt Hall (Australia/2019 World Champion), and Pete McLeod (Canada/2017 3rd overall) held a press conference to announce the concept of the new AIR RACE X.


AIR RACE X will consist of a dual race format: the “Real Round,” which follows Red Bull Air Race World Championship race format, and the “Digital Round,” which combines actual flights with digital technology, to achieve an ongoing world series.

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New spectator images using ultra-high-definition flight data and AR technology

New spectator images using ultra-high-definition flight data and AR technology

While various global circumstances make it difficult to revive worldwide air racing, this concept was born from the strong desire of these three pilots to keep the incredible aviation culture and legacy of air racing alive, and pass it on to the next generation.

At the press conference, the three pilots talked about the background of the AIR RACE X and their thoughts about it. They expressed their intention to use this announcement as an opportunity to start gathering together a group of people who will work together to create the AIR RACE X. They also announced that details of the organizers, teams, race format, and new ways to watch the racing using AR technology will be announced in August.


■Comments from the three air race pilots


There are many elements that must be overcome in order to bring back “air racing” as we know it. Advances in digital technology have made many things possible that were previously impossible. We decided to start with what we could do, while making full use of such technology.

I think some fans who have experience the frenzy of “air racing” live, may feel that digital is not enough for them. I understand this, and we will stop at nothing to bring them the best possible experience. We will continue to evolve step by step, and we hope you will support us.

Matt Hall / Matt Hall Racing

Extremely disappointing, especially as the race was supposed to be in my hometown. I used to be a top gun pilot, and the air race was a way to show our skills. I am excited we will have a chance to step up again.

Of course, I have been working on my aircraft to make it faster. I am also, looking at the long-term plan and growing new air race pilots that can carry on our legacy. I have a female pilot training to be an Air race pilot. I have a few more years of racing in me, and then it is handing over the baton to the new pilots who will carry the racing on through the future.

We have been working together on how we can improve this series. I’ve always been focused on the safety side of racing. And I have been focused on how to make it completely safe. So we can encourage young pilots to enter the race series knowing it is a completely safe thing to do.

Pete McLeod / Pete McLeod Racing

Its has been a long 4 years. It was impactful and disappointing to see the RBAR stop in 2019. I know I speak for others when I say, we are all athletes and competitors. We want to do our best by compassionately competing against each other. It has been disappointing not to be able to do that.

It is something we are really looking forward to as far as getting a chance to fly again and compete against each other. It is not just the sports but it is the competition element. And this new race allows us to compete from different parts of the world and overcome some of the barriers that were in the way of the Air Race restarting. It is exciting!I guess I am the youngest of these 3 guys and I have a big passion to keep racing. I can see myself in the track for a number of years ahead. The sooner I can get that started the better.

Back to the competition side. We all want to be competing against the best. I look forward to reaching out to the other pilots from the past series including the challenger class. Also looking for new talent out there so we have the best pool of pilots which is most exciting for the fans and the most challenging for us.

AIR RACE X” aims to achieve an ongoing world series by combining “air racing,” which involves actual flight in three dimensions, with a “new style of spectating” that utilizes the latest digital technology. Please stay tuned for further updates about the “AIR RACE X” concept, which challenges new possibilities in motorsports.

The press conference can be viewed here.

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