AIR RACE X 2024 – Race 1 Final Matchup Announcement

We are pleased to announce the results of the AIR RACE X 2024 – Race 1 qualifying rounds. This also determined the opponents for the final tournament.

The opponents for the final tournament will be decided based on the qualifying rankings. In this one-on-one knockout tournament, there will be no losers’ bracket, and the race will be full of tension.

In addition, in this tournament, championship points will be awarded to the 1st (8 points), 2nd (5 points), and 3rd place (3 points) teams based on the qualifying rankings.

The pilot who continues to earn points throughout the year and has the most points at the end of the final race of the season will win the title of “Annual Series Champion”.

For more information, please see the RACE FORMAT on the official website.

The final tournament of Race 1 will be streamed on the official YouTube channel at 11:00 am UTC on Sunday, May 26th.