The track has a zigzag layout with five pylons, commonly called chicane. Several notable manouvers are built into the track to challenge the pilot’s skills.

The 5 pylons are spaced 200 meters apart in the runway direction, totaling 800 meters. Of these, A, C, and E are on the centerline of the runway, while B is offset 80 meters to the left and D is offset 40 meters. The offsets are surprisingly large compared to the intervals.

On the first lap, the start is at pylon A and the flight follows a chicane pattern to pylon E. From pylon E, there is a large turn to pylon B which is offset by 80 meters, therefore the turn from pylon E is typically a diagonal left-up turn.

If there is a crosswind on the runway adjustments may be necessary to accurately reach pylon B. Choosing a wind direction that allows for a tighter turn is important as a wide turn would result in a significant loss of time. When each pilot competes on his own airfield maintaining the planned course despite weather and terrain changes will be the first crucial point.

After passing pylon B, passing pylon A completes the first lap. After building up speed on the long straightaway after the previous turn, timing the High Turn (HT) at pylon A is critical - even a small delay can result in a large costly turn.

The second lap skips pylon B and follows a chicane pattern through pylons C, D, and E. Similar to the first lap, the approach to pylon E is completely different. Instead of a left turn, a Vertical Roll Maneuver (VRM) with a vertical climb and right roll is required, so passing slightly to the right of pylon E is desirable, any delay in the roll can result in a time loss of over a second.

This track has introduced a high level of difficulty, with the three large turns interspersed with agile chicane passages. Please don’t lose sight of the delicate and precise flying skills required to execute these dynamic maneuvers successfully.


Provisional qualifying results are updated in real time during the qualifying week.
Final results are released as soon as the race program broadcast on Final Day is completed.